Thanks for checking out the OG Army.  Here a message from us that explains who we are and what we do

Welcome, and thanks for checking this post.  “Flounder” was not a typo, but more of an enticement for you to check out what the hell I’m talking about.  To “flounder”, not like the fish but “to proceed or act clumsily or ineffectually”, as defined in Webster’s Thesaurus.


This message is for OG members, both young and old.  If you wish to skip my diatribe, the following link has been provided.


If your willing to read on, crack open a brew, or mix a bloody mary with a strip of bacon.

The OG army has been around for more than 4 years,  we have had over 2500 gamers join our ranks. Some stick around, some come and go.  We all have a life outside of gaming, and the army understands that. The following is a brief history of the army, and the responses from members on their view on what the army means to them.  

On 12-29-2009 I started a thread on the gamefaq board that launched the OG army.  A link to the original thread is below.


My original plan was to have 10-20 guys my age to play with, instead of playing alone.  A lot of the original poster’s thought I was nuts, and who would ever want to play with a bunch of old guys.  We grew slowly in those days, but we did grow.  The website was started about 10 days later when Hextall got a burr in his camping ass and came up with the website idea.  I was reluctant at first but Hex started the website and we moved off the forum to our old website.  We had about 20 members at the time and grew to about 100 playing mw/reflex and World at War.  We started using a voxli server and then a teamspeak server so we could communicate during the game.  There was no headbanger at the time, although we all wished that the wii had it. The Black Ops came along with the headbanger.  Our numbers grew like crazy and we hit 400 members.  We always run with about 200 members that are active.  Currently we have over 500 registered members. We routinely clean out the closet and delete inactive members, and our numbers always climb back up.  We'd love to have you in the ranks.


When we started the website we needed members to perform jobs on the website.  We had work that needed to be done, running the forum, the website, the calendar, recruiting, welcoming new members, etc.  The main job of the moderators was to approve pending members that were under the age of 30.  Any applicant age 30 or over is immediately approved. 

The other jobs of the mods as stated above, is to monitor the forum, help members with any issues they have, monitor the chat, and just help maintain the army.  The OG runs itself, and the mods rarely have to get involved with anything.

The reason that we have 12 mods is quite simple.  We have lives, and can’t devote 24 hours a day to the website, plus we like to play the game.  The other advantage of several mods is that in times of member issues, one person is not making the decisions. We discuss the issues and get feedback from mods that are not involved, giving us neutral opinions.  Some of our debates sound like a clip from the movie “12 angry men”. 

Rarely we do have member issues that arise and we are forced to get involved.


We absolutely HATE getting involved with these issues.  We hope that a group of responsible men (and a few women) would be able to get along.  I understand that in life, at work, in church, at the park, that there will always be someone that you do not get along. It’s human nature. You come into a group of strangers, and you can within a few minutes you can pick out one person that your not going to get along with, for whatever reason, that’s just the way it is.  You avoid them and are civil if you have to talk to them, but you know you won’t be friends.  There’s nothing wrong with it, just human nature. 


In March of 2010 I posted the following message in the OG News forum:

  • From time to time an OG member will have an issue with another member.  This is bound to happen due to the amount of members we have.  Despite many attempts to curb this from happening, I realize that it WILL happen again. 

The problem is that most of these disagreements turn into a war of words, and is done in a public forum.  No good can come from these petty arguments.  We all have joined the OG for the love of the game and the comradery of playing with other adults.  As each of us may have a different perspective on how the $50.00 video game should be played, but we are all here to have a good time. 

Attacking another member in the shoutbox, or in a public forum will not be tolerated.   The Mod's are here for a reason, to settle these issues. If you have a problem with another member, please use the following options.  The last time I was on (last night) there were 24000 people online, there's plenty of bacon to go around. 

1) Contact them in private and resolve the matter.

2) Contact a MOD and have the MOD resolve the matter.

3) Remove the member from your fc list and ignore them.

4) Consider "What would Kowalski do".

If something in this message is not clear, please contact a Moderator or contact myself or Hextall directly.

As explained by the wise old OG Stein.  If your neighbor’s dog craps in your yard, you talk to neighbor about the problem.  It’s called being a good neighbor.  If you don’t want to talk to your neighbor, you call the police and let them handle it.  But…if you call the police don’t get upset when your neighbor gets pissed because he got a 200 dollar ticket from the cops for failing to clean up after the dog.  If your neighbor is an asshole, some times you need to make that phone call.

With 500+ members, there may be another member that craps in your yard.  That’s just the way it is.  Not sure you can avoid it, and we’re lucky that it rarely happens.  But when it does happen, the mods try to resolve the problem without having to take action.  We know that every member has a core group of players that they play with.  That was my goal.  If your lucky you have 100 OGs that you regularly play with.  We also know that the member causing a problem will always have friends outside of the issue that will always support the offending member.  This make member vs member issues a no win situation.  The mods hate having to deal with these issues, but we know that it’s important to resolve these issues for the good of the army. 

From time to time events cause a member to lose his privileges with the army on the website.  Some member posted thread supporting their friend, some questions the mods, some threw gas on the fire by starting threads about distantly associated issues. 

Make no mistake, we HATE having to remove a member.  Nobody wants to do it, and we always have fallout that causes dissention in the ranks.  Number 7 of the COC states the following, “Be respectful of all OG members, and our opponents as well”.  This is a basic idea, but is the cause of every member banning.          

One of the major accusations was that members are openly hacking and we have done nothing to stop it.  Like member vs member issues, unless someone tells us about it, or we witness it, we don’t know its happening.  We don’t tell you that you can’t hack or glitch, we just don’t want you doing in a match with other OGs or while using the OG tag, pretty basic concept.

Now, there may be members that can also hack or glitch.  We don’t restrict your gameplay, hack and glitch if you want, it’s your game.  But, while using the OG tag, we want all members to remember to play the game as it is, and not to use anything that would give you an unfair advantage against the other team.  When the someone starts a thread claiming that mods, or other members are glitching/hacking, but refuses to disclose the offending member, how are we expected to proceed? If we receive a report of hacking/glitching with and OG tag or in a OG lobby we will do our best to make sure it stops, for the betterment of the game. Are there “gray” area’s that may or may not be a “glitch”, YUUUUP, they’re all over the maps. We will try to make a post regarding what we consider a hack and a glitch, and how to proceed should you want to use or defend against the.

As mods, we don’t want to have to deal with these issues.  But when they arise it is our responsibility to resolve the problem.  We are the #1 clan (army) for this reason, THE MODS!.  We are not special, we don’t get paid, but we DO have a passion for this band of brothers, and work very hard to protect it.

When unfortunate circumstances occur and a member is banned, we don’t tell you not to be there friend.  We don’t tell you to remove them from your ally list. We don’t tell you that you can’t can them or can’t be their friend, we only restrict there access to the OG website, and tell them not to use the OG tag.  We respect your right to make your own decision.  We only ask that you realize that we do everything we can to retain the member, and banning is a last resort.  We may not do everything perfectly.  We are drawn from the human race just like doctors, nurses, cops, and teachers.  Sometime you have a poor doctor, crabby nurse, or an asshole cop. The actions we take as mods is not always popular, and polling every member for an opinion is not effective or reasonable.  Some of you are here to play, and have no interest in the drama that sometimes happens. 

Many times we have had members leave the OG to go to another clan.  Some have started other clans, or returned to the clan they came from.  We also appreciate that you are smart enough to make the decision on who you play with, and who is on your ally list.  The last thing we want you to do is lose friends or pick sides. 

I consider many of the members my brothers.  I have laughed with them and I have cried with them.  The OG is much more than that game, which for some is hard to explain or define.  For some, it becomes an obsession or a passion. 

This is a great group of people, and I hope you’ll get a chance to get the full OG experience, which is different for everyone. I can tell you this, just like the iphone has an app for this and an app for that, We here have an OG for everything.

You got a kid problem, we got a OG for that.

Got a problem with a boss? We got a OG for that.

Need advice on a new TV? Say no more, we got an OG for that.

Spouse problems, car problems, computer problems, financial problems, school problems, work problems, we got an OG for all of it.

We have an extremely diverse group of men to bounce ideas off, ask advice from, and laugh your ass off with.

I hope that you’ll like it here, and continue to be the best damn army in the gaming community.

If someone asked me what the #1 thing was that bad for the OG army.  I would answer that the headbanger is it.

As I stated above, we have a teamspeak server for communications.  Several of us still use it, but not as many as I’d like.  I state the headbanger is bad because you no longer have private communications with other OGs.  They’re always randoms and squeakers in the lobby,  You always lose communications when switching lobbies and loading games.  On teamspeak you don’t have those issues.  It’s much easier to get into games, and the unfettered talk lend for better conversation.

I hope that all new members will try out the teamspeak server and join us.  You’ll find that it’s far superior than the headbanger.  If you can’t talk with a mic there is a chat window integrated with teamspeak, and your headbanger will also work as a headset for teamspeak. Windows xp and later will automatically install the headphone and mic when you plug it in.

Recently we have had more members, including myself, have switched to the Playstation (gone to the dark side, as we call it) to play battlefield.  With the new ps4 and WiiU consoles our group has become a bit fragmented.  Don't let this discourage you from joining.  If your goal remains to get in with a group of guys your age and get a group to play with regularly, this IS the place, regardless of your console or game. 

Thanks for reading.  I’m sure that some of the mods will post their comments on this thread.  We are here for you and the army.

See you on the battlefield.



Here's our Code of Conduct;

1. We have a ZERO tolerance policy when it comes to hacking, cheating, glitching, or do anything that would harm the integrity of the OG in public matches. When we wear the OG tag, we represent OG and all of its members and we will not damage that reputation by with poor sportsmanship. This includes:
-Going under or out of the map on any game map. This is defined as out of the normal bounds of the map. (Rooftops, rocks, ledges are all acceptable and legitimate to play.)
-Using lag switches to manipulate the internet connection to our benefit.
-Code hacking in PUBLIC matches is subject to immediate termination. For private matches/events, hacking/glitching is only allowed with prior consent of the participants involved.

2. No bailing on OG's during a game.  Wait till the game is over to leave. If you take an invite from an OG it is improper to leave them behind for most reasons. Leaving with a good reason is acceptable. Some examples of this (not limited to) are connection issues, life events (baby, spouse, phone call, etc), you were not prepared for the game type, or you just joined the game and went on the opposite team. OGs will NEVER leave a game due to poor play, conserving KDR, or just plain getting beat. Take the beating then move on after the game. Excessive bailing will not be tolerated.

3. We would like members to log in to the website at least once a month. We will send a reminder email to you if you have not logged in within the last 60 days. If we do not here back from you we may temporarily remove your profile. We understand there are a lot of demands outside of OG, and we will reinstate your information when you decide you have more time to play the game and log into the website again. We are not suspending your membership as we do not view this as a punishment of any sort. This is just a way of making sure information on our site is up to date as many inactive members never become active again.

4. We don’t team kill in any match for the "fun of it". Intentional team killing an OG or non OG is prohibited. Exceptions to this are: a) retaliation for multiple TKs by a teammate, b) killing a glitcher/hacker, c) accidents, d) martyrdom (just make sure you have a good reason for using this perk in HC)

5. Multi clanning is permitted within parameters (click to expand)

-We consider the OG Army to be second to none. One thing that we allow that many clans don't, is "multi-clanning". We welcome OG members to play with, hang out with, and even join other clans. However we request that the OG is your first home when it comes to Call of Duty organizations. As an OG member we ask you to represent the group with a capital "OG" in front or within your "in game name", ie OGyourgametag. We would also like this identifier within your chat name. We have so many members that it's hard for us Old Guyz to remember everyone, and we would like members to play with as many OG's as we can to improve membership, and avoid segregation and 'clicks'. We respect your right to team with more than one group or clan. We discourage you from running 2 "clan tags", but we will not hold it against you as there are so many diverse groups within the gaming community. If you choose to run 2 tags, we prefer that the |OG| tag stands alone, separated from other tags. We respectfully request that you put your main affiliation, the OG, in brackets ie, |OG| with your other affiliation in lower case behind it. An example being "|OG| yourgamertag. This is a an unheard of standard within gaming clans, but we respect your right as an adult to play with whomever you chose. Your experiences outside of the OG Army will give you a fresh perspective on game tactics. You are welcomed and encouraged to inform your fellow OGs on these effective and valuable techniques. You will never be asked to spy or steal info, and you should only share info that is not considered private for that clan. We also ask that the OG forum info be private, and sacred to the OGs. If you would like to share info please ask a moderator, AND the person that originally posted it. This is a complex issue, and OG Administrators are here to help you decipher what is and isn't permitted.

If you are a member of multiple clans we ask the following. Please identify other clan(s) you play with on your profile. Please identify if you are some type of Administrator or Leader for that group. By all means honor their COC, but while a member of the OG we want you to ALWAYS adhere to the guidelines of the OG COC. Please do not start a sub-clan from within the OG Army. Do not recruit for other clans on the OG site, in our forums, in our chat (public or private), via teamspeak, or via IM. Do not share your OG account with members of other clans. Please do not share the OG Teamspeak server info with other clans.

6. We welcome other visitors and clan members to our site as long as they follow our code of conduct. Public disrespect (by members or non-members) to anyone on teamspeak, voxli or the chat log will not be tolerated.  Problems between members should be handled privately, message them directly or contact a moderator. You/We are mature adults, we expect you to act like it.  This website is a gaming site, and we will do our best to keep discussions on topic. We will be respectful of each members lifestyle, marriage, etc. This site is for mature adults, so members may use profanity, but we will not allow racist, sexist, or hate speech.  What you do on your own time is your own business, but the OG's will not tolerate any public discussions that promote illegal activities such as drug use or piracy .   

7. Be respectful of all OG members, and our opponents as well (no rage quitting). We don't care about kdr ratings.  If YOU do, this is the wrong place for you.  We prefer teamwork and improving our skills over the kdr rating of one member.  If you want to preserve your kdr, play alone. 

-If a weapon is used in the game, and has not been altered by a hack or glitch, then it is fair for all to use.  However, you are not obligated to play with another OG whose legit tactics you do not agree with. Editing your Ally list to only include members you share a common strategy with is your own responsibility.

8. We will not spam invites. Spamming invites is the continued invitation of friends over and over again within a short amount of time (10 minutes). We will try our best to coordinate invites via text/voice chat or this website and have respect for our OG team mates during their online play.

9. If we see a teammate (OG or NON-OG) violating any of these rules, we reserve the right to team kill that individual, and leave the match. For any violations, please report them to your moderator team, so we can conduct our due diligence. We promise to treat each member with respect by verifying any reported incident and communicating with the alleged offending member before taking any action.

10. And the most important rule of the OG-HAVE FUN!!!!!!!  We are the best group of player on the battlefield, do your best to encourage new members and bring new members to the group.

-Acceptible OG tags include but are not limited to: OG [OG] (OG) |OG| OG! *OG* OG| You will be notified if your tag is not acceptible. We ask you to not use the tag oG , as that is a representation of separate, exising COD clan.

Any violation of the rules above will result in the suspension of their logon account for this website, the exclusion from tournament play, and potential expulsion for the OG Army. Especially the number 10 rule!

Understand that acceptance into the |OG| Army will require that you add all administrators and moderators so that we may monitor your gameplay and verify that you are mature enough for the |OG| Army.

There is no copyright on this C.O.C.  IF you are a visitor from another clan feel free to copy it if you need to. We would appreciate giving us credit, but don't require it.

OGmovntrgt aka landshark (co-owner and creator of the OG Army) and your moderator team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Things you may need to know along the way/WTF/FAQ

What is the Code of Conduct?
All members are required to abide by the rules of the Code of Conduct(COC), and failure to do so will result in losing your membership. We have very few rules, and they are simple to follow. In a nutshell, OG’s don’t code hack, we don’t glitch or elevator, we don’t rage quit (leave mid game because you’re not doing well), and we don’t team kill in Hardcore modes. If you have questions about these or any of the rules in the COC ask an Administrator or Moderator. Admins, Mods, and Team Leaders are here to help with any issues you may have.

Theres so many OG’s, who’s FC should I add?
Now that you have been accepted you need to add your MWR and/or WAW Friend codes so other OG’s can add you to their friend list. You also need to add other OG friend codes, which is very time consuming. Head to the Members FC page and start by adding Administrators, Moderators, and Team Leaders. After that it is your choice of which players to add. Certainly add anyone that plays the same time of day that you play. It’s a good idea to keep our chat page open so you can see who is playing. Keep your FC in your name on chat so people can add you easier. You are encouraged to add as many OG’s as possible to your friends list.

How do I get invites?
Once you’ve added FC’s, login to the game and go to your friends list. At this point you can click on a player and join their game, or send out an invite to let people know you are on. Typically the first invite lets people know you are ready to play, and they will send an invite to you if/when they have room. If they join your party you can go into a match or close the party telling the other member you are not comfortable hosting at that time.

Is everybody really over 30?
Nope, but prospective members are chosen with care. We have 7 families in the OG Army. Our members currently range from 57 (OG Yuma) to 11 (Son of Qwid) Keep an eye out for a few younger members and act appropriately in their presence. They are welcome here as family, and we treat them as such. Confirmed youngsters as of the writing of this memo are McBeta, Little D, Terk, and Son Of Qwid. Please treat them and all OG’s with the respect that they deserve.

Who is the best?
We have a Hall of Fame(HOF) to celebrate members accomplishments. The HOF is updated at the beginning of each month. There is a HOF thread in the General Forum that you can post your accomplishments in. Please add the FC for OG Chopshop and OG snoops, as they need access to your stats to confirm your levels.

How do I get in on the fun in Teamspeak?
Follow the directions here

What is the Wuzzzup/Say Hello/Shenanigans Box for?
The Wuzzzzup Box is for announcements and recognition. Please don’t spam the Box. We have several other ways to communicate with other members on our website.

What are all of these abbreviations yo guys use (MWR, ADS, TDM, CQC)?

We are old, and get lazy when typing. Some of us are not good speelers. We tend to use a lof of abbreviations when talking about the games. A comprehensive list of those abbreviations can be found here, just a couple posts from the top.

Does the [OG] Army allow under rifle grenades/noob toobs?

This is a controvercial topic, and could change at any time if the site staff feels a change to be necessary. The short answer is yes, URGs are allowed according th the COC. Using URGs is highly discouraged, unless several members of the other team are using them. We do however require OGs to play with integrity, and that should be kept in mind if you use URGs. Cases where use of URG would likely be seen as OK: trying to complete "ouch" challenge, retaliation, elimination of a blatant teamkiller, anti-sniping, and anti-heli. Overkilling URGs (carrying 2 sets, or 4 total) is looked down upon, as well as map spamming, or launching into an area hoping someone may be there. Also, tubing from point-blank distance unless working on the "ouch" challenge is discouraged. Tubing other OG's can be seen as a sign of disrrespect, and will likely result in losing friends or missing out on invites.

Is teamkilling in Hardcore modes allowed?

NO! We never teamkill for fun. OG's want to play fair matches, so in some cases a teamkill is justified. OG's can kill teammates using elevator glitches, or code hacks. OGs can teamkill repeat teamkillers. If there is any doubt that you were TKd on purose, let it go. Look to see that teammate also killed an opposing team member, or check their score to see if they have multiple TK penalties. You may kill a teamkiller that purposely killed a teammate too (get an OG's back). Killing toobers is not necessary, but a few flash grenades when they tube will get the point accross. DO NOT carryover revenge action into a second match. The slate is wiped clean at the end of the match. You can always leave the lobby if the offender will not leave.

Do OGs quit midgame if they have a bad score or are doing badly?

Hell no. This is a high level offense, and can get you banned from the OG Army. OGs are older and wiser, and can take an asswhipping if they are overmatched. You may leave a lobby after the game, but you will stay and fight until the end. If you are worried about your KDR, you are in the wrong place anyway. The only excuses for leaving a game are accepting invites, someone has hacked the game, or family issues (we are old guyz after all).

How do I find someone to private message them?
Private message links can be found in several places including the following: Individual members page (friend other members), Members FC page, donation box, and forums.

I need help getting better
We have many topics in the Strategies forum

My connection is horrible
Connection topics are covered in the Technical Forum

Why are OG’s deleting my FC?
Some unwritten rules you’ll find other OG’s follow when playing against each other: no Under Rifle Grenades (noob tubes), no chaining choppers, and no martyrdom. These things are not rules in the COC, but it’s a surefire way to have people delete your Friend Code (FC). Otherwise, they may just need room on their list and don’t play with you as often as they play with others.

Private Games
OG’s have several games we play in private that members using Teamspeak can play. Each game has it’s own set of rules. They are all fun and require players to practice skills such as knifing, shooting handguns, and using shotguns. This is valuable practice, as well as promoting brotherhood throughout the OG Army. Read about them here.

What are donations?
Donations help the [OG] staff keep the site running. All donated funds go directly to the site, and not to anyone’s pocket. Donations are not a requirement of membership, but are truly appreciated by all that enjoy all that we have been able to offer our members.

Where can I find OG swag?

Pending Friend Requests
New members take a little while to be added by everyone. Once you’ve been around for a month or so you can post a pending FC thread in the Friend Codes forum or private message members that have you pending. The game only allows 100 friends so not everyone can be friends, so choose wisely.

I have skills and want to help out with the website or other items
Private message an Administrator or Moderator, and we’ll keep you in mind when updates are needed.

How does someone become a Moderator or Team Leader?
Mods and Team Leaders are hand picked by existing Administrators and Moderators as more are needed.

Shout Box
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